shape your dress form with life-like pads for a fabulous fit!

Infinite ways to pad any dress form, in minutes...with fourteen contoured pads, 2 sets of filler pads and a stretch body cover!
Save time!  Save Money!  Fun and easy fittings on your dress form...whatever your shape or size!
Fashion design, alterations, pattern making, or learning to sew...the possibilities are endless!

our dress forms are trusted by...

Fitting System

The Fabulous Fit Fitting System allows you! (women, or men), who might wear the same size, or have the same measurements but are shaped differently, to customize your dress form at every area in order to see how your clothes will look and feel.
Fitting System Included with every dress form...more below!

 Posture!    Shape!   Straight-in Pinning!

Dress forms come in all shapes, but the posture of your dress form makes the difference in your fittings.  Our dress form molds were made from real fit models; and the shapes have been tested on thousands of bodies.  Completely pinnable, your dress form becomes adjustable; allowing you to match the curves of your body, and or change sizes in minutes!   The natural crotch on the Half Leg Form  makes fitting fitting pants a joy!   Fashion designers and pattern makers, worldwide, depend on Fabulous Fit! 

Each dress form comes with bendable arms, a FREE fitting system, and a cast-iron base on wheels!

Fitting Extras

Extra pads, dress form covers, and exclusive professional fitting advice!

Fabulous Fit is known for its posture, shape and quality in dress forms because we design our forms based on real fit models.  Additionally, each dress form includes the Fitting System, for shaping your form, + Bendable Arms for comfortable sleeves.

The Bendable Arms, included with every dress form, allows you to identify your elbow position for every fitting...petite to very tall!

make every fitting easy and fabulous!

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