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Fabulous Fit® provides customizable dress forms with shaping pads that will revolutionize your creativity and  fittings!. Each dress form comes with (14) contoured pads, (2) sets of filler pads, and a stretch body cover. The soft, contoured pads allow you to clone your body on your dress form to match your shape and size in no time at all. Our dress forms are used for fashion design, alterations, pattern making, and sewing at home...on any level.  At Fabulous Fit®, the possibilities are endless!

Create Any Body Shape with our Customizable Dress Form Mannequins 

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Fabulous Fit® Fitting System

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The Fabulous Fit® Fitting System allows you to customize your dress form in every possible way. Whether you’re creating apparel in a standard size or refashioning clothes to better fit a certain body type, real body dress forms help you achieve an accurate fit, effortlessly. The Fabulous Fit® Fitting System is included with every dress form mannequin. Read ...more below!

Posture + shape on your dress form!  free!!


While our dress forms come in all shapes and sizes, we understand that the posture of your mannequin makes all the difference in your fittings. That’s why our dress form molds are made from real-fit models. We also test our shapes on thousands of bodies to ensure a realistic form. 

Completely pinnable and adjustable, our dress forms allow you to match the natural curvature of your body or change sizes in minutes. Our Half Leg Forms even feature a natural crotch to let you fit pants accurately without the hassle. Fashion designers and pattern-makers worldwide depend on Fabulous Fit! 

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All dress forms include FREE bendable arms!!   Cast-iron base on wheels.

Height is adjustable for petite to very tall with a wing nut under the body of the form. Shoulders are shaped with the shoulder pads (the shoulders are non-collapsible in order to keep the body light). 

Look for us in Ru Paul's "werkroom" 2018 on VH1's...

Fabulous Fit’s mannequin dress forms are known for their lifelike posture, natural shape, and superior quality. Our dress forms include the Fabulous Fit® Fitting System for easy form shaping and bendable arms to help you identify your elbow position for every fitting. Our forms are available from petite to very tall. 


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