Sew October! Every dress form is adjustable!


Fabulous Fit is known for its posture, shape, and quality in dress forms because we design our forms based on real fit models. Additionally, each dress form includes our Patented Fitting System free and bendable arms, also free! No more guessing. Whether you are fitting clothes, sewing patterns, or learning to design, it all starts with a life-like dress form! 

Free Fitting System and Bendable Arms With Every Dress Form + Cast Iron Base with wheels.)

The Fabulous Fit Dress Form System allows women who might wear the same size, or have the same measurements but are shaped differently, to customize their dress form at every area in order to see how their clothes will look and feel. The Fitting System includes fourteen contoured pads and four filler pads, plus a stretch body cover in natural or black. The soft, pinnable pads adhere to the form under the cover, which holds all of the pads securely in place.  Whether you are padding a Professional Dress Form, or an Adjustable Dress Form, with dials, our Dress Form System will make every fiting accurate and easy!  Included with every dress form!


ASK US!   The articles in the Fitting Club are answers to all of your questions about how to make fabulous fitting clothes on your dress form!  Our article on fitting pants was written by Jill Ralston for Vogue Patterns with Kathy Marone. Fabulous Fitting Pants!  are not so far away!  You'll love Ginger Holley from Star Trek Continues with fitting Plus Size clothes and Lynda Bunn for creating fabulous leathers on her dress form, Valerie Mayen for project Runway, Amanda for insane fun, and many other professional designers, who join Jill.  Tons of inspiration for patternmaking, fashion design, or draping clothes with easy and fabulous style.  ASK US!  We mean it! Email us with questions for personal assistance,  JOIN NOW!


Follow our fitting workshop with Jill Ralston and Professor Collette Wong at FIT, NYC; Universal Design Symposium.

FIT MADE EASY eBook will not only show you how to make your dress form adjustable, but it will show you how to make your dress form work for you!  FIT MADE EASY is the answer to all of your questions about fitting clothes on your dress form!  Fitting clothes is a sequence; and in FIT MADE EASY we will show you how to use the fitting sequence to make every fitting easy...whether you are a professional designer, learning fashion design, beginning draping, and even if you are fitting clothes for scoliosis, special needs, or special lifestyles,





Our Fabulous Fit® dress form molds were made from real fit models!  As designers, we know that having a real body to work on counts in draping clothes!  AND...the Fabulous Fit® Fitting System is included with each form to make your dress form adjustable; matching YOUR body shape for pattern making, draping, and fabulous fitting clothes!  Dress forms also include: