Free Fitting System and Bendable Arms with every Dress Form!

Fabulous Fit is known for its posture, shape, and quality in dress forms because we design our forms based on real fit models. Additionally, each dress form includes our Patented Fitting System free and bendable arms, also free! No more guessing. Whether you are fitting clothes, sewing patterns, or learning to design, it all starts with a life-like dress form! 

The Fabulous Fit System allows women who might wear the same size, or have the same measurements but are shaped differently, to customize their dress form at every area in order to see how their clothes will look and feel. The Fitting System includes fourteen contoured pads and four filler pads, plus a stretch body cover in natural or black. The soft, pinnable pads adhere to the form under the cover, which holds all of the pads securely in place. 

Videos and Tutorials

Thank you for joining us with questions about shape, size, and all things fitting on your dress form. The articles and videos start with answers to questions about dress forms, and fitting clothes.  The easiest way to see how your clothes will look and feel starts with shaping your body on the form. After that, the possibilities are endless. Our article this month was written for Vogue Patterns with Kathy Marone. Fabulous Fitting Pants are not so far away! If you don't have a dress form yet, check our Personal Half Leg Form for pants. It really speeds up the process, and you can count on the fit every time. 

Fitting on a Dress Form

The articles are all about fitting clothes. If you are interested in learning how to fit for scoliosis, special needs, or special lifestyles, please email us! You also might want to check the video "Fitting for Special Needs" which is about seeing body singularities on the dress form, and how the fabric can disguise or enhance. 

We can show you how to put your dress form together, your basic fit together, or your designs together in a closet of "zen". Maybe jump start a home business, with people loving your clothes, as your bank account smiles. Ask us anything about fit or designing on a dress form. We love your ideas. Do Sign up for the Newsletter!

Thank You!

Our business depends on happy people and after extensive research and projects reaching thousands of women of every body shape and size, we proudly guarantee a fabulous fit. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you fabulous clothes.