Fit Made Easy Workbook

Fit Made Easy Workbook

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Universal Design Symposium FIT, NYC

"Fit Made Easy" is an outline of simple steps that taken in sequence will erase every fitting issue you could ever see on your body or on your dress form. The steps are universal with everything you create.  The workbook was written in conjunction with the Universal Design Symposium presented by Jill Ralston and hosted by Professor Colette Wong for the Fashion Institute of Technology,  New York.  I hope it will help you understand not only how to best use the dress form, but the powerful catalyst your dress form can be in your creativity.

Our presentation was created to answer one question we hear every day: “My clothes don’t fit because my body is…”

There are countless ways to finish this sentence because rarely do we see our bodies as they really are.

Steps and Guidelines

The workbook explains in twelve simple steps, the guidelines of the Universal Design Symposium workshop, as you are taken through the three dimensional, hands on, universal process of fitting clothes on a dress form.

There are only a few principles to follow in solving every fitting issue as you teach your hands and eyes to connect. With understanding and practice, you will develop a three-dimensional point of view as a new "fitting guideline" in working with the flat pattern. This is the beginning of every design. Clothes fit effortlessly when you can see the changes before they are made.  Clothes fit and last forever when you understand the principal of grain lines and pressure points. Clothes feel fabulous when the ease matches the way we move.  The principles take no time and effort.  Just understanding.  That's easy.

There are countless ways to create chaos in fitting because rarely do we see our bodies as they really are and only a few can translate a piece of paper into movement on a body successfully. Working on a dress form that matches a real body will give you the visual perspective to easily address every challenge in fitting clothes, reading flat patterns, draping, and pattern making, enabling you to enjoy the Zen of sewing. 

One can match a hundred measurements on a piece of paper or see the picture worth a thousand words. The picture we see by using a dress form that matches a real person is the three-dimensional reality. When we see how the fabric falls, identify the problems, and touch the solution, the result is flawless.

With "Fit Made Easy" you will discover the key to this perspective of fit by analyzing each step of the fitting process as it pertains to you or your client.  The steps will guide you through the changes at the neckline, shoulders, upper chest, arms-eye, sleeves, waist, and hipline.  You will see the value of pinning right on the dress form and comparing it to the flat pattern.  If you have ever struggled with a sleeve that ripples, even though it appears to be the right shape. Have ever wondered why a pant leg drags at the front thigh, or a collar tugs back, the simple principles in the eWorkbook will give you another perspective; as you experience those issues disappearing.   

By testing the grain line to compliment or disguise the curves of the silhouette and checking the pressure points for movement in your clothes, fitting becomes an enjoyable process in everything you design. From the slightest disguise on normal bodies, to asymmetrical bodies, to bodies changed by mastectomy, osteoporosis, lymphedema, or scoliosis; if the bodies are women, men, juniors, children or even pets, the rules are all the same.

Whatever the shape, the curve, or fitting challenge, the Fitting Sequence in "Fit Made Easy" will guide you through the steps that are universal in feeling comfortable and powerful in everything you create.

Fit Made Easy eBook