THINK: Contest Winners

Fabulous Fit is happy to introduce our winner for the best original design using our personal dress forms and/or the Fabulous Fit Fitting System.  The entries were overwhelming and we are thrilled to show you the runners-up and their fabulous original work! For those of you who are new to our contest, stay tuned...and feel free to spread the word, as more prizes will be on the way!


While a basic dress form can approximate the size and shape of the average person everyone is built slightly different and carries their musculature and weight differently.  Our actress for Josefina was closest to the full body junior size 9 form that we have. I have added padding to fill out the areas where she has more shape than the basic dress form does.

I have been working with Fabulous Fit dress forms for approximately eight years when I purchased the forms for the Childsplay costume shop. One of the reasons I decided on Fabulous Fit was for the padding set that came with each form and would thus allow for an easier padding and modification of a dress form to suit each individual actor.  


Valerie's work speaks for itself with its impeccable detail and design.  Her work is modern, relevant, and certainly deserves her success at Project Runway, at Fabulous Fit, and in her career.

The modern easy pants of this "dress" could be translated  so many ways to create even a way dressed down version to live in.  The lines and cut of this fabric allow easy, easy comfort and movement. 



I made a dress using re-purposed materials from Goodwill in a competition for Project Goodwill in Fort Worth, TX. It was a charity show supporting the causes of Goodwill. 

The first thing I decided was to use part of a boned bodice from a smocked peplum floral tube top. I removed the peplum because I wanted something that was more form-fitting. I liked that the back had smocking so that a closure was not needed and would ideally fit to whatever size skirt I chose. I took in the smocking a bit to better fit it to the size of my Fabulous Fit dress form. I cut the bust off of a pink prom dress and used the skirt that had a low back with a zipper. 

This way the lower back of the dress would be open, really cute. I cut the skirt off to be short and then used the excess fabric to add triangular panels to the skirt for a lot more body and volume. I love twirly skirts!




"My favorite thing about using Fabulous Fit is that no matter what size you are, you can get a true precision fit with the system. I am a huge Marvel comics fan, and when I saw the recent appearance of Black Panther in Captain America 3: Civil War, I knew I had to put my precision skills to the test."  Check below.

Ginger is a costume designer for a web series called Star Trek Continues.  As soon as they wrap up the next few episodes on the new production series, she is starting her own line.  YAY!  We are watching and here for you with everything assistance in starting and merchandising a collection!



The bodice of this dress was draped in muslin on my dress form, which I "padded up" with the Fabulous Fit Fitting System (hip pads, butt pads & bust pads).  The muslin was removed form the dress form and trued.  The next step was to physically fit the the muslin on me,  to check the fit and make any additional adjustments.  The muslin was removed, and further trued, taken apart and pressed lightly and used to make the final pattern pieces. 


I received my Fabulous Fit Fitting System as a much wished-for Christmas gift in December 2009.  I immediately set about creating my body-double! Since then I have used it many, many times on different types of projects, from gowns to costumes.  I will never construct for myself without it! 

I have an annual costume party in October, and I attend several costume parties each year.  I design/construct a new costume for my party every year. I keep all the costumes I have constructed; sometimes I wear them again, or modify them a little for another party.  Sometimes I loan out my costumes to friends. I can also design/construct garments or costumes for others by making easy adjustments to my form. Darla Haiduk


I am creating a one piece lambskin leather dress, with the look of two pieces, using my Fabulous Fit dress form.  The purpose of this manner of construction is the comfort and ease of wear.

I start with the lining so I can work out the fit issues before I cut into the pelts.  I start with the bodice lining and then the skirt lining, which are attached.   During these steps I construct the shape of the neckline with the facings that are attached to the lining and the Dolman cut of the sleeves.



Out came my Fabulous Fit Dress Form and yards of muslin. I have had no formal sewing training but have played around with fashion and sewing since I was a child. My mother was a seamstress and I took one home economics class in high school. My college degree is in graphic design and illustration. I read sewing magazines and watched project runway religiously. During the height of that program I purchased my Fabulous Fit Dress Form. I watched as the contestants used dress forms to construct their garments and decided that I needed to give that a try. 




I have had my “Dummy Me” (aka Fabulous Fit System) for a number years. I first used it for making outfits from commercial patterns fit better. Later, I began to drape my own outfits. In general, I have used the pads to create my own shape as anyone else would. One exception, I have sway back, so I actually added pads on the upper back to simulate this. Your system is highly configurable, which is why I like it.K