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Behind the scenes at Fabulous Fit, we've been working hard to solidify decades of fitting experience, to show you how easy fitting clothes on a dress form can be!  Whether you are creating clothes to fit the world, or a special person (especially yourself), The Fitting Club will guide you through every fitting challenge   (24 articles in all!)  We'll provide you with inside tips from fashion designers for your easy fittings; including everything from "Getting to Zen in Your Closet" to finding and fitting clothes for special fitting issues, written by successful designers.   

You won't need to study or struggle to figure out what to do, because the techniques are repeated, over and over, in every article, in many different ways.  We will answer all of your questions with fitting points tailored to your fitting needs; from backless wedding dresses, collars (which insist on slipping back), or how to fit a pair of pants, and much more; with guidlines to the rules, which are always the same.  

The Fitting Club is built around Jill's career in designing clothes for every major clothing store from Bloomingdale's to Barney's.  The Fitting Club is about sharing the knowledge, the mistakes, and the guidelines.   There will be 24 articles in total...each one tailored for YOU! 

Wishing you fabulous clothes!

The Art of NOT Draping

Finding the cut and fit of your clothes can be easily identified on the dress form. Fabric has a mind of its own; now you can see what your fabric will do. Duplicate the anchors, and pressure points at each area.  The body you are fitting is right there on the dress form without twisting or pulling your clothes.  Identifying a large bust line, or fabric ease for a forward or uneven shoulder is easy and accurate when you follow the steps in the Fitting Sequence.  We'll show you how-to fit your clothes, whatever your shape may easy! 

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Two Fronts, Two Backs, and Two Sloppy Circles!

Use one basic pattern to re-create infinite dresses or blouses! This is the beginning of a series of dresses that all started with one basic shape that was fine tuned on the dress form. What makes this fitting fun is that everything you create when you change that pattern takes so little time.  All you have to do is put it on your form and start changing... play.

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