THINK: Impeccable detail!

Project Runway 5.JPG

                         Amazing Valerie Mayen,


Valerie's work speaks for itself with its impeccable detail and design.  Her work is modern, relevant and certainly deserves the prize at Project Runway, at Fabulous Fit, and in her career.

The modern easy pants of this "dress" could be translated  so many ways to create even a way dressed down version to live in.  The lines and cut of this fabric allow easy, easy comfort and movement.    



"The lace garment (shown below) was made using a black geometric lace, neoprene and of course, my trusty Fabulous Fit dress form.  I've had my form since 2007, when I first started my company, Yellowcake where I specialize in women's custom clothing and ready-to-wear outerwear.  It was the first professional grade dress form I ever purchased and I wouldn't stand to buy any other because I knew the Fabulous Fit quality was second to none. 







  1. The cut work and fantasy of this dress is fabulously fun in both styles!!


                                                   Truly, an inspiration for creativity!   Thank you, Valerie!