I’m the Costuming and Wardrobe Director and occasional designer for Childsplay Theatre in Tempe Arizona. The following is a description of the costumes for Josefina Javelina from Childsplay’s original production of The Three Javelinas written by Jenny Millinger.  Under the direction of Dwayne Hartford this musical production was based in the visual concept of the old west through the aesthetic of mid-century television and film.  


 Fabulous Fit Dress Forms

Finished Salsa Front - Fina - DDH.jpg

I have been working with Fabulous Fit dress forms for approximately eight years when I purchased the forms for the Childsplay costume shop. One of the reasons I decided on Fabulous Fit was for the padding set that came with each form and would thus allow for an easier padding and modification of a dress form to suit each individual actor.  

While a basic dress form can approximate the size and shape of the average person everyone is built slightly different and carries their musculature and weight differently.  Our actress for Josefina was closest to the full body junior size 9 form that we have. I have added padding to fill out the areas where she has more shape than the basic dress form does.

Once the dress form has been padded out to best suit the actresses shape I begin draping the garments on the form. Pinning all seamlines and marking the desired style lines and notching the pieces as best suites the cut of the garment and to facilitate ease in construction. This initial draping pictured on the form is for her blouse that will be warn the entire show and over which all other costume items will be placed.

On top of her blouse draping I then draped the other garments that she will wear throughout the production. Pictured are her bolero jacket, ballet bodice, corselet and salsa top (as the sleeve ruffles are multiple circles these were not draped).