THINK: The Power of Pretend!

FABULOUS FUN by Darla Haiduk

Greetings from Oklahoma!

I received my Fabulous Fit Fitting System as a much wished-for Christmas gift in December 2009.  I immediately set about creating my body-double! Since then I have used it many, many times on different types of projects, from gowns to costumes.  I will never construct for myself without it! 

I have an annual costume party in October, and I attend several costume parties each year.  I design/construct a new costume for my party every year. I keep all the costumes I have constructed; sometimes I wear them again, or modify them a little for another party.  Sometimes I loan out my costumes to friends. I can also design/construct garments or costumes for others by making easy adjustments to my form. Darla Haiduk



My favorite project was a Clown costume that I designed for myself in October 2010. The focal point of the costume was a bustier I made on the Fabulous Fit dress form using brightly colored strips of duct tape. The rest of the costume consisted of a draped shrug, an overskirt, and a rainbow-colored tutu; all made on my form. I accessorized the look by making a dread-lock wig of yarn, and a ribbon choker adorned with tiny buttons. I wore brightly colored, fishnet hose layered over a pair of tights in another bright color, and polished off the look with pink platform Mary Jane's.  It was quite a look! I wore that costume to three separate parties over the years, and won three separate costume contests wearing it. The bustier is now showing signs of wear, so I wanted to demonstrate to you how easy it was to create one to replace it on my Fabulous Fit dress form. The bustier took about four hours to create from start to finish.

This type of design may not be the sort of entry you anticipated, but I loved making it, and sharing it with you.  I hope you enjoy the whimsy of it!

Darla Haiduk!!