Professional Dress Forms

Fabulous Fit Professional Dress Forms

Our Professional Dress Forms are used and loved by designers all over the world due to their superior fit and lifelike accuracy. We know that anyone, regardless of their language, experience, or design style, can use a natural dress form to create and display a garment for their target market model – even you! 

NOTE: We apologize for the wait!  Our Professional Dress Forms for Sale are on hold until Fall (that would be most of the Plus Forms and the forms for Men).  If you have an urgent request, however, please feel free to reach out. 

Professional Dress Form Features:

At Fabulous Fit, we hold the key to translating a perfect fit across every language and ethnic group: the natural posture of our mannequin is molded from real models and our patented Fitting System. Our Professional Dress Forms for Sale come with attachable arms, which secure to the model with metal plates. This reliable hold allows you to test sleeves hundreds of times per day. To ensure an accurate fit for your model or client, we include our exclusive Fitting System with each dress form. The Fitting System’s interchangeable pads allow you to quickly and easily create the perfect shape.