Pro Series Men's Jacket

Pro Series Men's Jacket


Includes a free fitting system AND bendable arms!

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Dress Form Highlights

It's made for everything between Fine Tailoring and Manufacturing!

Shapes are determined by age group, and muscularity. Is he a golfer or a surfer? Posture and shape determine the fit! The detachable, bendable arms allow you to see, and determine the shoulder line, and cut of the sleeve. The possibilities are endless!

A must have for designers and manufacturers.

The Pro Series Men's Jacket Form is covered with a padded canvas cover that is seamed with industry grain lines for center front, center back, and sides. It is also the only form on the market that comes with life-like® pads to allow for maximum versatility. The automatic metal stand allows you to adjust the height of your form with a touch of the foot pedal for more flexibility while working.

Each form is hand crafted for top quality and the highest performance.