Pro Series Misses

Pro Series Misses

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Includes a free fitting system, AND bendable arms!

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Dress Form Highlights:


It's known for it's posture accuracy and fit.

Manufacturers, designers, students and beginners, love this dress form for posture accuracy and fit. The arms attach to the body of the dress form with metal plates; they lock into place for easy try-on, and bend easily for identifying the elbow position, stress across the shoulders, or every ripple on a sleeve cap.

It's made for Petites, the Very Tall, and Everyone in between.

The posture and torso of this form will allow you to raise or lower the vertical measurements about 2 inches, depending on how much smaller the dress form is than the shape, waist size and vertical measurement you are duplicating.  It is best to choose a size that is  smaller than your measurements at the bust, hip, and waist, as you will be slightly raising or lowering the vertical positions on the dress form as you build it out to match your shape.

It's Pinnable.

You can pin and press your fabric or change your pattern a hundred times, right on your dress form. It's easy to see how your fabric will fall over the curves of the body when you pin and play with the grain line and the design from every angle.  No more twisting. 

Included with every form:


Soft contoured pads create every curve on the dress from so you can change the size, (up to 3 sizes) with all of the curves and shapes for each size in between.  All of the pads in the Fitting System are interchangeable, so you might use the Upper Hip Pad, for example as the Back Hip Pad, or the Shoulder Pads for a Bustier Bust Line. If you have any questions about how to pad, check out our in-depth tutorial HERE.

The Arms pin-on at the shoulder and bend, for matching and testing elbow length and sleeve position. If your arms are shorter, or longer than the "standard" arm measurement, you can bend the elbow on the dress form arm to match your best vertical elbow position.  When you try your clothes on the form, you will see if there is stress in the sleeve at the elbow and how to adjust the fabric for movement.


Always choose a size that is smaller than your target measurements so you will be able to change and shape the dress form to match your shape and measurements, as you build it out with the pads. Click HERE for an in-depth tutorial on how to measure.

Bring your Dress Forms TO LIFE!