Pro Series Plus

Pro Series Plus


Includes a free fitting system AND bendable arms!

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Dress Form Highlights

Our plus size dress forms have two bendable arms that attach with metal plates. It really makes a difference! The arms mimic, of course, the size of the body to match her plus size. We know you'll love this lady! You will have all the pads you need to duplicate every area on your dress form.

Just as with the horizontal shaping, the vertical measurement positions can be adjusted and customized with the Fitting System to create a petite plus dress form or a plus dress form for tall. It's really easy…and turns every project (including what you thought were mistakes) into a design! Follow the fabric over the curves of the body…just like that. Even if you think you don't know what you are doing, your fabric on the curves of the dress form will tell you what to do with the pattern.

If your vertical measurements are longer or shorter (petite or very tall), the pads can be placed higher or lower on the form as you pad the horizontal measurements to match your own. And all of the pads are interchangeable!

You can place the pads in vertical or horizontal positions on your dress form to match every pressure point for movement…and all of the pads are interchangeable.