Every Fabulous Fit® Dress Form Comes with a FREE Fabulous Fit® Fitting System and Bendable Arms. 

Adjustable Dress Forms Made for Real People’s Natural Body Shapes  

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 Fabulous Fit Studio Dress Forms 

All Fabulous Fit® dress forms are not the same! We offer adjustable dress forms in Regular and Half Leg sizes. Each Fabulous Fit® dress form includes 2 two sets of filler pads, 14 lifelike pads, and a stretchy body cover. This allows you to create a range of sizes and shapes for any fitting project. Whether you’re a fashion designer, sewing hobbyist, or pattern-maker, our mannequins empower you to design, produce, and show off your creations. 

Create with a Natural Body Shape 

Our Studio Regular Dress Forms offer a large range of height options from petite to very tall. This is possible because the mannequin’s back hip is defined only by the interchangeable Hip Pads, rather than a built-in shape. You’re free to match any vertical curve you need by simply placing the pads higher or lower on the dress form. 

Our Studio Half Leg Dress Forms are made with a natural crotch, which makes creating perfect-fitting pants enjoyable and hassle-free.  

Choose from Petite to Very Tall 

Fabulous Fit’s adjustable dress forms can be shaped for a variety of frames, from petite to very tall. When purchasing your model, be sure to choose a size that runs smaller than your bust, waist, and hip measurements. This allows you to adjust the included pads to shape your dress form accurately. 

When shaping the dress form for very tall frames, you can easily adjust the included Filler Pads or Shoulder Pads. The Shoulder Pads go beyond shaping the form’s shoulders; they elongate the body altogether when a filler is used in between. 

When shaping the dress form for petite frames, the mannequin’s waist can be lowered to create pants and adjusted higher for dresses with waists. This is accomplished by raising or lowering the twill tape’s position. If the dress form is smaller than your body, you can build the pads in every area to match your unique size. The included Fabulous Fit Fitting System pads can add three inches to any area of your dress form. 

Each Fabulous Fit® dress form comes with a tight yet stretchy cover. These enable you to flawlessly layer more than one Fitting System to create a larger size mold. Each Fitting System lets you design a shape within three size ranges. Also included are two pin-on bendable arms, so you can check sleeve and elbow positions for maximum comfort and movement in your clothing. You can also choose an additional black Princess Seam Body Cover and extra individual pads  to give your dress form additional “Umph!” 


The Regular Studio Dress Form will give you a huge range for Petites to very Tall as the back hip on the form is defined only by the Hip Pads, rather than the built in shape on the dress form.  You can match your vertical curves, as well as the horizontal curves just by placing the pads higher or lower on the dress form, as you shape it.  


  • Create every shape within three size ranges on your dress form.  
  • Duplicate individual areas  that might need extra padding.  
  • Choose an additional black princess seam cover and the individual pads to give your dress form that extra "umph" where you might need it!  Extra Pads 


  • Every dress form includes two bendable pin-on arms, so you can check sleeve and elbow positions for comfort and movement in your clothes.  Easy dress form fittings!