THINK: Ultimate lambskin luxury!

by Lynda Bunn,  Lynda's Couture, CT.

The fit on this lambskin, with the detail and accessories is amazing!

I am creating a one piece lambskin leather dress, with the look of two pieces, using my Fabulous Fit dress form.  The purpose of this manner of construction is the comfort and ease of wear.

I start with the lining so I can work out the fit issues before I cut into the pelts.  I start with the bodice lining and then the skirt lining, which are attached.   During these steps I construct the shape of the neckline with the facings that are attached to the lining and the Dolman cut of the sleeves.


Once the bodice lining, complete with neckline facings, and skirt lining are attached, I cut the skirt from the leather pelts.  I drop the attachment line of the leather top skirt slightly below the natural waist to decrease the bulk and minimize the 'tummy" area.  I perfect the overall length of the garment in this stage because the top overlay is a proportionate issue for the ultimate style.  I cut the leather pelts for the upper bodice, including the neckline, loosely using the size of the lining pieces for my pattern.  Once i establish the fit, I stabilize the neckline by  pinning that portion of the design to the lining and to the facing.  I cut pieces of leather for the lower bodice, I place an pin to get the proportion I want,  finalize the seam allowances and hem of the bodice then construct this next portion.  Only at this point can  I put the zipper in because the zipper goes through  the hemline of the back bodice, picking up the skirt in the zipper seam application.  I attach the lining next, then complete the neckline.

The sleeve hems are completed, then the hand stitching for detail,  and the final touch is the bow detail... Thus the very personalized, unique design has been completed. 

This is truly great sewing with leather!  A beautiful dress!    Brava Lynda