Share with us & Win!


We want to see your Fit Solutions!

We are all seeking solutions in our designs, and whatever your challenges may be, we want to hear about how you’ve overcome them!


Marissa, beaming about the contest!

Marissa, beaming about the contest!

Hey, Marissa here! I’m a new addition to the Fabulous Fit Team, and I want to welcome you to our Fabulous Fit Solutions Design Contest! Jill and I are so excited to see the amazing work people are doing out there.

This contest is all about sharing our challenges and solutions when it comes to design and fit. We want to showcase your work and bring together a community of problem-solvers and innovators!

Here’s How It Works:

The winner will receive $250 or a Fabulous Fit Studio Dress Form! Runner-ups will be featured on our newsletter and Instagram!

Simply send us an email with your submission before September 1st. Which should include:

  • Three (or more!) photos of your process on the construction of a garment. Show us how you got started, how it came together, and the finished product!

  • A write-up of the steps you took and the challenges you faced/overcame during the construction.

  • Your Instagram/Twitter handle if you have one.

  • Include the phrase “Design Contest” in the subject of the email, and put your photos and write up either in the body of the email or as a word doc, and send it to:

If you run into any snags throughout your process, email us, and Jill will help you on your way to WINNING!

See an example of the written submission HERE! from our last contest.

And check out the gallery below for some photo inspiration!