Studio Men's Half Leg Form

Studio Men's Half Leg Form

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Dress Form Highlights

Our Men's Athletic Form With Half Legs for tailoring and patternmaking, will give you the best posture for athletic to mature builds. The contoured pads in the Fitting System, will give the form a wider back, stomach, wider shoulders, rounded back, thighs, upper hips and back hips. A young man becomes older, or seriously changes sizes with the Patented Fitting System.

Duplicate Bodies Short to Tall

You can raise or lower the Upper Hip, Back Hip or any of the torso pads to match your vertical measurements, as you shape the form to match your build and measurements. The Studio Dress Form is easy, and simple to use, and is the best choice when working on jackets and pants, as it comes with a natural crotch for easy fitting.  Seeing the changes that you'll need to make on your pattern, right there on your dress form, and takes the guesswork away!

Measurement Chart

100% Pinnable. 

You can pin your fabric right into the form! And like all Fabulous Fit forms, you can steam the fabric and change the pattern a hundred times right on the form that matches your body. Lighter weight, the Studio Forms are 100% pinnable. The shoulder width is adjusted by the Shoulder Pads as the shoulders on the form are solid. The silhouette is naturally tapered to accommodate your build by using the Fitting System. You can change the size of your form up to 3 sizes, and have a perfect match in all three. The fourteen contoured pads (and 2 sets of filler pads) address every area, (including short and long waists) to give your clothes a Fabulous Fit!

The Fitting System, included with your dress form, gives every area a realistic body shape, whether you are working with a daughter or a grandmother. The measurements can be increased up to 3 inches at any area with the contoured Back Hip, Thigh, and Upper Hip Pads; as well as Stomach Pads, Side Back Pads, Bust Pads, Shoulder Pads and Filler Pads.