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Problem solver in a bag.

I purchased a separate adjustable dress form and know I would need to flesh it out with custom pads in order to recreate my measurements. I purchased a medium kit. I thought I would only need a portion of the set - you know, because my body looks just like a mannequin (HAHA!). Anyhoo, I received my padding system a day after my dress form and was ready to customize. The pads themselves are very contoured so that the edges don’t create a crease when added to the form. The guide that accompanied the order advised which shapes are my shoulder, abdomen, etc. HOWEVER, I will tell you that I chopped a few in half and had to utilize the bulk of some to achieve the appropriate bust size. I wish - if they don’t already - have a purely bust enhancing kit because I think that there are a fair amount of people (me and also drag queens) who have no rear, medium waist and larger chest. The set comes with a drawstring storage bag but I used all of the pieces to macguyver a solution to the lack of bust pieces. I used the other pieces under the bust piece and layered until I achieved the appropriate projection. As I am not a Kardashian, I also made use of the butt pads to accomplish what I needed in the bust area. I thinks it’s inportant to acknowledge that while the product was not the perfect solution out of the box - THIS PRODUCT IS EXCEPTIONALLY MADE. I was able to make it work so my tailoring was spot on. I’m sure people with more proportional bodies or hourglass figures would be able to use the parts in a more traditional manner. This product is a big time problem solver, allowed me to achieve the most appropriate likeness and as we all know - that’s priceless when it comes to fitting or tailoring a custom or couture quality piece. If I’m spending $500 or $5 on fabric, I want it perfect. On a final note, the set comes with a fitted, gored, stretchable sheath that goes over the dress form and then you slip the contoured pieces underneath. I personally should have probably gone one size up if I wanted it less snug on the form BUT not going up a size means there is absolutely no slip or slide to my layered pieces. I feel I was able to get a completely custom form in less than half an hour with little fuss. I’m a perfectionist freak show and your approach may take less but I measured and remeasured a gazillion times. This actually makes my form easier to use because I have more depth and contour to pin against instead of hard surface. Hope that’s helpful. This is worth every penny to me in terms of fit and finish results. I’ve finished up two garments already and am beginning an elaborate, expensive beaded couture Halloween mermaid. I wouldn’t be able to do the detailed fitting without this addition to my sewing world. I was not paid for this review. I paid full price for my padding set. I used it on a Dritz green adjustable dress form.

- Ellen Delanoon


Don’t settle for anything else!!!

I’m using the basic set to build a wedding dress for a very petite bride with a beautiful figure. The black princess cover is a perfect thickness and of high quality. The product was delivered as promised and packaged securely. I had a quick question and customer support was great; I was called back as I requested with the hour!!! I love fabulous fit and you will too!!

-Debi Doucetteon


This is perfect and works better than expected. I love that this adds all the curves where you need them. It looks so natural on my dress form and you can pin to it very easily. Perfect for anyone who wants to customize their shape to a dress form.

- Caroline J


This is awesome if you have an oddly shaped body. I have a s-curve scoliotic spine that makes my hips different heights, different widths, and different degrees of prominence from behind. Also because of this, my torso is very, very short. This dress form system allowed me to recreate my figure perfectly!

- Amazon customer


This product is exactly what I needed to get the clothes to fit properly. My pinnable sewing mannequin had no rear end, cup size adjustment or hips, fine for displaying but terrible for fitting. These pads and covers made it possible to perfectly simulate an hour-glass figure. I've added a photo of the back of the product box. While I don't know if you can read the words, it does show the sizes on the back of the box and states that using this system can increase (NOT DECREASE!) the size of your mannequin by as much as 3 dress sizes. I realize $77 is a bit much for what is essentially some foam pieces and 2 covers, but the time it saved in fittings is worth it for me.

- Amazon customer

VOGUE PATTERNS  | Letter to the editor

I am a long time reader of Vogue Patterns.  My mother (Charlotte Vana, nee Klein) taught me to sew and to appreciate Vogue’s wonderful sewing patterns-she was the fabrics editor of the Vogue pattern book back in the 1960’s.

I have found many useful tips and products in your magazine over the years, but the best to date is the dress form padding system by Fabulous Fit.  I first purchased the padding set to help give my dress form a more personal shape when I was sewing my wedding dress.  My dress form is adjustable (it is an antique, similar to My Double and other adjustable forms) and the padding set mimics those subtle curves in bust, tummy, hips, etc., which make a critical difference in proper fit, which the dress form cannot accommodate.

Now in my seventh month of pregnancy, I have found the padding set to be indescribably useful.  Pregnancy doesn’t change a woman’s frame size; it adds to the bust and abdomen.  While the adjustable dress form cannot accommodate my rapidly changing figure, with Fabulous Fit I can sew maternity and nursing clothes. Thank you for advertising such a wonderful product!

Elizabeth Bryant



"Jill Ralston recently brought her concept to Canada College garment construction students to demonstrate its amazing adaptability as a fitting tool. Department head Rhonda Chaney loves the Fabulous Fit Patented Fitting System.  "It's great for draping as well as for flat patterns," she relates. "Although it has found almost instant acceptance from professional costume designers and dressmakers, this is definitely a product for the general public." "In classes," explains Chaney, "we show students how to fit for variations in the human body. With the pads under the body cover, we can change contours at will. It is a great learning situation for custom fitting. Clothes are nothing if they don't fit."  The Patented Fitting System comes in a standard size. Each pad is shaped to conform to a particular area of a woman's body. Each one is labeled for suggested body position. Interchangeable, they adapt to any placement.  Any appropriately sized dress form will do. The pads accommodate measurement changes up to more than three inches. Measure the dress form. Measure your body. The "Catch" 22 Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed eBook will show you how. Pull the two-way stretch body cover over the dress form and slip the foam pads under the cover at each area until the measurements and shape of the form equal yours. "Instructor Mary Lou Lange is sold on the concept." Not only can you create uneven shoulders and hips, it comes with a special waist definer to adjust the dimension of the waist.  Once you set it up to your measurements, it's yours. "In classes", explains Chaney, we show students how to fit for variations in the human body. In the past, we've used the classic process of adding batting to the dress forms as they do in couture sewing. With these pads under the body covers, we can change contours at will. It is a great learning situation for custom fitting. "Clothes are nothing if they don't fit!" Fit followed by comfort are the most important factors for me. They are also the biggest voids in commercial and home-sewn garments. Fit is paramount in the Canada Fashion Design department. Chaney states, "We teach fit in all of our classes. We teach students to sculpt with fabric. In the stores, it is 'hanger appeal' that sells clothes. That doesn't necessarily mean that the garment will fit your body. "Poor fit showcases the irregularities of the body," adds Lange. "Good fit makes everyone look good. Many of our students are training to go into commercial design and the garment industry.  It is important for the industry to read contemporary body needs. We train students to follow through with those needs." 

- Marlo Faulkner (Times Correspondent)


"FABULOUS FIT®takes away the mystery of draping that has kept many of us from even trying to drape. I love the dress form, adore the dress form. It looks just like me."

- Sally Cowan


 " JUST LIKE ME...Never thought you'd find a dress form that looked just like you?

 Search no more. This dress form comes complete with re-positionable foam pads specifically shaped to add inches to the areas where your natural "padding" is and two knit bodysuits for a smooth finished form. A complete guide on dealing with special figure areas also is included."

- Jennifer Keltner


Thanks so much and again, this form is absolutely perfect, there was a slightly change I made to the thighs with the padding, but that was it! I can't believe how much easier it is to create a pattern using the dress form than it was by trying it on my daughter.

I can try it on as many times as I want and the dress form doesn't complain! Next, when I get some extra money, I'll have to get one in my size, but that'll have to wait for awhile. Again, Thanks for your patience and your help.

- Laura Daniels -


 "The common complaint is that "Patterns don't fit me!" We all have a different set of measurements, even though we may use the same size pattern. Pre-fittiing avoids disasters! I've worked with a wonderful new dress form called FABULOUS FIT®You can actually duplicate the curves of your body."

- Eunice Farmer - 


 "I assure you that, having used FABULOUS FIT® a number of times, it really does result in a perfect fitting garment. Fabulous Fit® has become an indispensable tool in my studio."

- Marijana Frielich (The Professional Association of Custom Clothiers) -


 " Designer and motion picture costumers are raving about Fabulous Fit® created by clothing designer-manufacturer Jill Ralston."

- Kerry Moore (Fashion Reporter) -

5 stars.jpg

It IS fabulous! I was able to place the pads just where I needed them, and the cover was taught but not too tight, so it was manageable. I can certainly recommend the system, and will!

- Kandie Carle (Regency, Victorian and Edwardian presentations)


Thanks for your help. I successfully completed "my form" yesterday. I did find that by adding at the shoulders to the neckline first for a little height, I was able to get my "gravity laden" bust line in good proportion with the basic form's proportions. I also put in a little wrap across the upper back for a minimal Dowager's hump. That helped in my back measurement from the occipital bone to the waist. (18") Your recommendation of putting the pads under the wrap were excellent. I did use the thigh pads at the side waists. I did try on some clothes and the form is right on! It is also very smooth. Really looks good. Thank you. I already had your pants article from Vogue Pattern Magazine (1997). I am doing pants on it right now. Thank you for getting me into doing everything right. That was good. I have no sewing community here in Vermont. Since you are in NY, if you ever come to Vermont during leaf peeping season, like to go soaring (sailplanes), or ski at Sugarbush or Mad River in the winter, I would really like you to call me. My husband and I are both ex-ski instructors. You could check up on my dress form? Anyway, thank you for the way you helped me. I needed the push. Thanks.

- Louise Messner, Sugarbush, VT. 


5 stars.jpg

Jill, Thank you so much!  I;ve worked with your system in the past, and it is glorious :)  Keep Shining,

- Shannon

5 stars.jpg

I LOVE THE DRESS FORM!!!  so many dancers (esp pro) are really tiny around..and this works great! I have some teachers going to buy from you too :)  We also have a sister group that is building up her business supplying all things needed to make tutus. It’s hard to find all the specialty stuff we need easily. nets, coutil, all the notions etc. 

- Suzanne Diekman

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Thank you so much. This is my very 1st dress form and I absolutely love it especially when I found out about you guys padding system. Due to your padding system I didn't have to mess with any adjustments on the form.

- Patricia

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Thanks for sending the materials for the Fabulous Fit Padding Instructions.  It has helped immensely and I am now ready to start fitting/sewing/etc. I am truly impressed with your organization…so much so that after reading Jill Ralston’s comments about the University of Fashion I joined and man enjoying the classes AND the informative emails. Thanks again,

- Edie Copland

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I am working on padding the dress form and enjoyed the article on padding for scoliosis.  You have a great product and I’m sure I”ll be having questions
regarding padding.  

- Lora

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Thank you so much!!! February 25, 2018

Hi Jill! Omg I've been using the fabulous fit system for probably close to five years now!! I've also told every single person I know about it, I believe including my insanely talented friend Ginger! I've currently got two different sets of FF systems on my mannequins, turning one size 14 into a custom size 16-18, and one on a male mannequin broadening the shoulders and adding love handles! lol! Thank you so much!!! I started studying the articles today and I really like them.  They are quite detailed, which is good for me.  I've been sewing for decades and love the custom fit look.


 Thrilled!!!, October 15, 2015


When I read the other reviews, I decided to try the fabulous fit system, and I am so glad I did. I have a dial form and I agree, the dials don't do the trick without the fitting system. There are too many gaps and form is not pinnable. Once I added the system, my form took a new dimension, literally! It made my form pinnable, and I was able to duplicate my measurements with ease. I wish I found this before. Really recommend it!



Great product, September 22, 2015

By Judith

This product is great for normal women figures. You can't buy a dress form and go without this system. It makes fitting your garments so easy. It's a wonderful investment.



Must have for perfect fit, September 20, 2015

By Suzanne Goss "soap crafter" (Collins, MS)

I was so excited to find this little fitting helper. Let's face it - no matter how many dials are adjusted on the dress form, it is never EXACTLY your shape. This solves the problem! I'll get a perfect fit every time now.