Fabulous Fit BASICS!!! Just shape it and create!

Fabulous Fit BASICS!!! Just shape it and create!


Love this for extra inches where you need them!

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INTRODUCTORY OFFER! $57.00! Just need shaping?

BUMP IT UP? Need a little more than even “changing sizes”. Now you can Layer It Up with the Basics. Make your dress form work for you! Got a Size 14 and Need Size 18…Go ahead…Pad your dress form with the Size 14, using all of the pads. Then, simply layer it up one more time. Your dress form will now have the curves that match your new “Size 18”, or whatever your size might be.

JUST SHAPE IT? Need Just a Little? Ahhh…Maybe Size 8 with a baby bump or brand new issues that you really weren’t expecting? That’s the BASICS! Easy…Just pad your dress form with the new “Baby Shape, Senior Shape or Simply Body Issues” shape. Love this! Our favorite color is Black…

PLUS SIZE MODELS! Got you covered ladies! Shape the butt, the bust, the shoulders…BASICS! Definitely recommended by Click, Ford, Wilhelmena, Stetts and many agency/stylists in-between.